Where did you study?

I received my European BFA in Illustration at Ceruleum Ecole d’arts Visuels in Lausanne, Switzerland. It’s a three year intensive art program taught in french.

What materials do you use for your work?

I work entirely digitally. My sketches/rough work are done on Procreate on a 10.5” iPad Pro. All colors are then painted either on Procreate or on Photoshop using brushes from Kyle Webster using a Wacom 13HD Cintiq.

Can you illustrate my book?

All serious inquiries can be sent to my agent at taylor@fullcircleliterary.com. Unfortunately I don’t take on self-published projects.

Do you do commissions?

I’m afraid that with my current schedule I’m not taking on commissions at this time.

Do you take requests/Can you work on this project for exposure?

Like most professions, I prefer to be paid for the work I do.

How did you develop your style?

Don’t stress about style; I started focusing on my art fundamentals and getting better at drawing. Once you’ve mastered the basics, eventually your style develops as you’re influenced by art styles you like. You’ll also begin to create shorthand ‘symbols’ for objects the way you perceive them rather than the way they look in reality (which is what style is!). I talk about this in length on this episode of The Art Corner.

Any tips for recently graduated illustrator trying to find work?

About 80% of my clients find me through social media. I try to maintain a strong online presence, regularly posting online to increase exposure and networking with colleagues, possible clients etc. I also table at conventions like TCAF and CTN.
Make sure you have an online portfolio (preferably with a domain name, but not required). It should be professional, and easy to navigate with your best pieces. Have work in your portfolio that reflects work that you want to be doing. Wanna illustrate books but haven’t yet? Illustrate a mock piece specifically for your portfolio, like sample pages of a fairy tale or mock book covers!

How did you find your agent?

My agent, Taylor Martindale-Keane at Full Circle Literary, found me! (I was illustrating a book with an author that she represented). But in general, if you’re looking for an agent do your research. Google is your friend, compile a list of agencies who you think your style could be a fit for, and see if they have a submissions page. Cale Atkinson goes into length on agents here.

How did you get started as an illustrator?

During my last year in art school, I went to the Bologna Children’s Book fair with my class and handed out business cards to publishers and showed my portfolio for reviews. I illustrated a mock book as part of my senior thesis and created an online portfolio with my best work. I submitted that portfolio to dozens of publishers, magazines, stationary companies etc and cold emailed art directors and editors. I submitted to contests and calls to art, and constantly updated my social media with new work. I also signed onto an illustration agency that I had previously submitted online to.

In my last semester I was very fortunate to have gotten an offer to illustrate my first picture book through that agency. After graduating, a publisher I had met up with at the book fair I mentioned earlier also offered me a book project. The rest is history.