Hank the Petsitter

Hank the petsitter is a four book series about a boy who starts a petsitting business to earn money to get fix bike fixed.

Publisher: ABDO
Writer: Claudia Harrington

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#1 Otis and the Very Large Dog

When Hank leaves his bike in the driveway to be run over by his dad, he needs to help pay for a new one. But Hank is a kid. What can he do? Pet-sitting sounds easy! 

#2 Pickles the Very Hungry Pig

When super snooper Joey brings his pot-bellied pig Pickles to stay, Hank never imagined that a pig with a cute name like Pickles could cause so much trouble. Will his pet-sitting business ever survive? 

#3 Yum-Yum the Very Spoiled Fish

Yolanda, the biggest know-it-all ever, leaves her beloved fish Yum-Yum under Hank's care. But why didn't Yolanda tell Hank Yum-Yum was ancient? And will she discover Hank's big secret when she picks up her fish?

#4 Elmer the Very Sneaky Sheep

Without his bike, Hank was getting bored. Then a new neighbor named Tommy shows up, looking for a pet sitter for his sheep. He warns Hank that Elmer can open doors. When nighttime falls, will Hank get any sleep?