Illustration done for the J Horror gallery show at QPop Shop. (LA, USA). Drawn digitally. 2016

Cats and Dogs

Illustration done for the Cats and Dogs gallery show at QPop Shop. (LA, USA). Drawn digitally. 2016

Patches and Pins

Illustration done for the Bower Bird group show at Light Grey Art Gallery. (Oregon, USA). Drawn digitally. 2016

The Corpse Bride

Gouache painting of the Corpse Bride , done for a Tim Burton tribute show at the Gladstone Gallery. (Toronto, Canada). 2016

Fight like a Girl / Player 1

Gouache paintings done for the Mushroom Kingdom group show at QPop. (California, USA). 2015

Unicats and Caticorns

Illustrations of the Unicat, done for the Unicats & Caticorns group show at QPop. (California, USA). Drawn digitally. 2015