Gallery Shows

“Disney Dream Destinations 2”
Gallery Nucleus -2019
“Mulan 20th Anniversary”
Gallery Nucleus -2018
“Incredibles Tribute Show”
Gallery Nucleus -2018
“Disney Dream Destinations”
Gallery Nucleus -2018
"Color Anthropology" 
Light Grey Art Gallery - 2017
"Miniature Show"
QPop Shop - 2017
Light Grey Art Gallery - 2017
"Bower Bird"
Light Grey Art Gallery - 2016
"J Horror"
QPop Shop - 2016
"Cats and Dogs"
QPop Shop - 2016
"Tim Burton Tribute Show"
Gladstone Hotel - 2016
"Unicats & Caticorns"
QPop Shop - 2015
"Kinoko Oukoku: Mushroom Kingdom"
QPop Shop - 2015   


I'm Anoosha, a Pakistani-Canadian freelance illustrator + character designer for animation, based in Toronto.

I graduated with a BFA in Illustration at CeruleumEcole d'arts Visuels in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

I also co-host a podcast called The Art Corner.

I am always looking for new projects and creative opportunities, so feel free to contact me at anooshasyed@gmail.com

I am represented by Taylor Martindale Kean at
Full Circle LiteraryFor publishing/illustration enquiries please contact taylor@fullcircleliterary.com


Illustration Clients include:

Simon & Schuster
Random House
BOOM! Studios
Storytime Magazine
Macmillan Press
Harper Collins
ABDO Publishing
Cottage Door Press

Animation Clients include:

Disney Jr
Dreamworks TV
Stoopid Buddy Studios